miscellaneous notes

Decentism, indecentism
Things that are only of consequence to the bloggosphere--aka the tits on a bull post

Europe's most persecuted people.

Inside Modern Movement: the anatomy of the continuity Revolutionary Communist Party.

Immigration: why let the truth spoil a good story? Sanctuary for Friman Saleh. Boris Johnson says Coalition policy a shambles.

Fascism and anti-fascism
Fascism and how not to fight it (sorry; I missed this when it was posted).

Left antisemitism, Green Party edition
Very cunning Nazis infiltrate the Green Party?

Reconfiguring the left, continued


kellie said…
The contents of that Contrarian Notebooks blog appear to have vaporised. Quick, what should be saved from the Google cache?
bob said…
Thanks for pointing that out! I might copy and paste some material from the cache. If the contrarian happens to read this, let us know what's going on!

Can't remember where I reached it - possibly via James Bloodworth?

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