Friday, October 01, 2010

Gnome Chomsky 11: and Zippy and Bob

When I scheduled this, it had a tattoo from the official merchandising of Kelder’s Farm and Homegrown Mini-Golf, home of the world's largest garden gnome, Chomsky, but even my equally world record-breaking googling skills could not find the tattoo, gone from the web. Instead, then, here's Chomsky, with Zippy - and even Bobism.

Yes, that's Chomsky, from the back, in the comic strip Zippy by Bill Griffith on December 10, 2006.

Maybe one more next month.

However, more seriously, and pertinent to Bobism, please read this post by Ignoblus, "Of imperialism and second campism", on Noam Chomsky's response to Mearsheimer and Walt.

(And don't forget to read my long post on Spiked - the connection being that both Spiked and Chomsky have followed the logic of anti-imperialism down the road of genocide denialism in the Balkans, Spiked in endorsing Thomas Deichmann's claim that the Trnopolje internment camp was a benign refugee reception centre, Chomsky in endorsing Diane Johnstone's claims that the Srebernica massacre was exaggerated. Johnstone made her claims in Ordfront, which at least one Spiked writer also writes for (the generally sensible Nathalie Rothschild). For documentation on both cases, see Balkan Witness.

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