Suburban stupidity

First, Coatesy’s latest blog round-up gives me (and some of my favourites) a namecheck.
Other Blogs worth noting: Shiraz Socialist – for its against-the-grain attacks and good sense about Islamism. Rosie Bell, raising the cultural tone. Bob From Brockley offers an indispensable round-up of left Blogging, and recently wrote a superb history of the RCP/Living Marxism. Poumista covers with rigour the kind of left the Tendance comes from. The Spanish Prisoner does great film reviews, and – a real source of new information – explains life on the Dole as an American leftist. Entdinglichung covers such a range of European leftist news, history and theory, that one wonders how he manages it. Beyond the Transition is essential reading on the former Eastern Bloc.

Among those, Rosie has a post on the RCP, which also kindly links to mine, but says it a lot more succinctly and wittily.

Phil, A Very Public Sociologist, has taken up my “Influential left-wingers” meme, except he’d done it in the style of my “political influences” series, which is far more interesting. In his lovely post, he celebrates his Nana, a working class Tory and a fine woman. Thank you Phil.

Modernity’s “A Few Things” is chock-a-block with tasty morsels, such as Yaacov Lozowick’s review of Shlomo Sand’s The Invention of the Jewish People, and a report on Gazans fighting back against Hamas by brewing their own wine! His subsequent roll-around is even more replete. I’m still digesting it, but have so far gotten to Flesh on fairness, Martin admitting to stealing my template, SAFA on the Scottish Defence League, Mira on Tony Greenstein’s antisemitism (because of comment moderation, I didn’t see until now that Tony calls me “Bob from boring Bromley” – how low can a man go?), and Max on Liu Xiaobo.

Just quickly, a few other things. A shockingly good article published at Counterpunch on American activists admiring Ahmadinejad by Bitta Mostofi (hat tip Rob). A post on the EDL in Leicester from a militant anti-fascist (hat tip WS). WS himself on the resignation of a prominent EDL activist over far right infiltration.

And this week’s new favourite blogger is Ross Wolfe of The charnel-house, among whose posts are this one on Columbus Day, this one on what Lenin would say about the leftists who say Hamas are anti-imperialist, and this one on regressive activism at the G20 summit. But my favourite post of the week is not from Ross, but from Nick at Just Opinions, on Jewishness.

More round-ups at Poumista: Poumelated and Poumicity. And one more from Barkingside21.

Note: title of this post taken from Tony Greenstein's description of me at Greens Engage. To celebrate suburban stupidity, here's Bromley's own David Bowie, soundtracking Bromley's own Hanif Kureishi:


Morbid Symptoms said…
A man who can't tell Brockley from Bromley certainly can't be trusted with the notoriously complex geopolitics of the Middle East! Eejit. Plus I'm sick of the crap logic that says 'some Rabbis are racist idiots, therefore all Rabbis are racist, and by extension all Jews', just as I am sick of people stating that all Christians are crazed homophobic reactionaries just because some fringe Xian loons in bumfuck nowhereville can't get any further into the Bible than some footnote in Leviticus.
Anonymous said…
Hi Brockley,

Thanks for the shout-out in your post. Glad you enjoyed my thoughts. I'll definitely have to check out your blog. I've added a link to to it on my site.

Jennifer said…
For some reason this got me into a good mood=)
Flesh said…
To Nick at Just Opinions I commented:

"I want Jewish brains. I am a Jewophile."

Philosemitism is the flip side of antisemitism in that it sets up essentialising, idealising stereotypes which Jews will fall short of, and be blamed for falling short of.

Anonymous said…
Thank you for your very kind recommendation.

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