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Wordle: Bob From Brockley's blog Marc 2011

Save the Libyan revolution

Save the revolution: Michael Totten: What if Gaddafi wins? Robert Zubrin: What Sarkozy [and Cameron] can do. Qulliam have a seven point plan. None Shall Pass: Is Libya our Spain? Shuggy:
Much of the aforementioned commentary from the laptop anti-imperialists seems to have been based on the assumptions that Western intervention in the affairs of Libya would either be the incarnation of oil-interests or the relatively more charitable interpretation that it would be merely a very stupid knee-jerk response to the impulse that 'something must be done'.

The possibility that it is inaction that might be motivated by oil-interests or 'geo-political' concerns doesn't seem to have occurred to them.
On the migration issue: Franck Duvell. On liberals and Libya: HuffWatch asks what made HuffPo change its mind. On the anti-imp left and Gaddafi: Dale Street - George Galloway and the sausage-muncher.


I still haven't finished writing that post. Flesh's new post very eloquently says lots of the things I feel confusedly. Meanwhile, I've continued my seeking out of sane voices and informed news sources. These include: Dimi Reider, Meretz USA, Diaa HadidHussein Ibish. I have also added a box down on the bottom right aggregating rss feeds of some alternative news sources from Israel/Palestine. Despite the horror and evil of the Itamar massacre, and the stupidness of responding by expanding the settlements, I have read a number of articles giving cause for cautious optimism, such as by East Timor's Jose Ramos Horta on a visit to Israel/Palestine, by Josef Olmert on the West Bank, and by Diaa Hadid on the would-be Facebook revolutions in Palestine.


Nick Cohen on Ed Miliband's Finklerism. Dale Street on the Scottish left's unprincipled realignment behind Galloway. Chris Mark: Free the fascist, grab the Jew. James Gray on free schools - free to teach creationism. Ruth Franklin on the de-Judaising of Anne Frank.

Bob's beats

This week's listening at Bob's house: Das Racist - a tune, "Mira Mira", below and some lyrical deconstruction here. Hebonics 101: "Jewish street culture connected through the veins of Hip Hop" - download here or sample below. Balkan Beat Box - listen to "War Again" at Melophobe.

This week's album desires: Jamie XX's remix of Gil Scott Heron - listen to "New York is killing me" at Metrojolt, plus lots on YouTube, including "I'm New Here" below. Neil Diamond The Bang Years. What an amazing two years of output, including "Solitary Man", "Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon" and "I'm A Believer". Read reviews at Pop Matters and End Hits.

Das Racist - Mira Mira by dasracist

Hebonics 101 by Sneakas

Selected hat tips: Dave Osler, Jogo, Jim Denham, Anamik, Kellie.


Wrong link to Franklin's Anne Frank article, Bob
BenSix said…
So, last week Cohen sneered that Richard Dawkins is a coward who's scared to criticise Islam (he does) and this week it's that Ed Miliband's a coward who's scared to criticise Hamas (he has). What is the man's problem?
skidmarx said…
Someone else made this comment on Cohen:
Ah, good old Nick Cohen. cmplaining about people who 'make everything about Israel' in an article which, er, makes everything about Israel.
There is more on how he manages to twist The Finkler Question to his own ends, but that'll do for now.
kellie said…
As a contrast to some of Britain's far-left on Libya, Denmark's Enhedslisten (Unity List, made up of Left Socialists, Communists, & Danish SWP) propose that Denmark send its Stinger missiles to Benghazi.
kellie said…
A less than perfect Google translation of an interview with Enhedslisten defense spokesman Frank Aaen.
Entdinglichung said…
@ kellie

the Danish SAP is not linked to the British SWP but to the "mandelite" FI, the SWP's clone in Denmark is called IS, as far as I know also in the Enhedslisten but much smaller
kellie said…
On practicality, I don't think the Enhedslisten proposal is at all as straightforward as they make out. Frank Aaen describes the Stinger, a ground to air heat seeking missile, as a purely defensive weapon because it's only practical for use against aircraft, but of course in the wrong hands it could also be used as a terror weapon against civilian aircraft. I doubt the Danish military would want to just hand them over without any control on where they ended up.
Anonymous said…
here's a few songs i've been listening to a lot recently:
Unknown said…

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