From South London to East London to the South Mediterranean

Transpontine remembers Smiley Culture. History is Made at Night: Smiley Culture. Alan A remembers. On Smiley's death. The death of a toasting translator. And just about everything at John Eden's blog: David Emmanuel aka Smiley Culture 1963-2011; Smiley Culture RIP: day two; Smiley Culture, New Musical Express 2nd Feb 1985Smiley Culture press conference; Smiley Culture RIP: Day 4;  Smiley Culture: Club Mix 1986

Homophobia vs Islamophbia in East London?
Reports by Whitechapel Anarchist Group, Time OutAlan A, Peter Tatchell, Sarah ABJohan HariLe Flaneur, and lots more from Safra Project. I think there's more to be said about this, such as the issue of gentrification in the East End, and queers (after squatters and along with artists) as the frontline of that, and the politics of resentment that stirs up in one of the poorest parts of Britain. Another is homophobia as a kind of index of assimilation of Sylheti origin male youth into London's masculine urban culture, with its blend of the best and worst of white working class and black expressive cultures. Another is the urgent need for a more sophisticated politics of alliance beyond the simplicities of queer or Muslim identity politics or the old shibboleths of anti-fascism. This is required reading for people thinking about this stuff.

Local things for local people
Deptford: Deptford Tributes and the Social Centre Plus. (Their website is here. See also Darryl and Crossfieldswhat.)
Crofton Park: This week's ward assembly.
Brockley: John Galliano on SE4, and ELL on John Galliano.
Lewisham: The latest on the libraries. (And is another library possible in New Cross?)

The Roma of Hungary
Sarah AB has a disturbing report on the rising tide of anti-Roma racism in the age of Jobbik.

Kentucky Fried Britain 1986. Kentucky Fried Hampstead 2011. Carl Packman v Richard Seymour.

Middle East: radicalism versus realism
Egypt and the failure of realism. How things in Egypt change but mostly stay depressingly the same .

And also
Shami Chakrabarty on antisemitism. The future of Nigeria belongs to the youthEdmund Standing on the Midsomer Murders affair. Lots more Bob-approved links from Martin.


skidmarx said…
On squatting, have you noticed new suggestions that it be mad illegal?
Sarah AB said…
Thanks for the Whitechapel Anarchist link - very interesting.

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