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Yeah, one of those big, fat, unthemed posts.

Atzmon update
Further to this: returning to the Guardian bookshop issue, CiFWatch reports that the Guardian has once again removed Atzmon from its on-line book stock list; Norm finds the Guardian to be making a proverbial mountain out of a. Here's an amusing Zionist account of Atzmon's pathetic appearance in San Francisco. Here's Dershowitz on the Friends Seminary and Atzmon, Meanwhile, Counterpunch continue to promote the antisemite, although most of his supporters these days are white supremacists, 9/11 truth nuts, Holocaust deniers and other oddballs (Cynthia McKinney, Gordon Duff, Kevin Barrett, Jay Knott, etc - no links to those sorts here). And what's with this big bushy mountain man beard Atzmon's grown for his "grassroots tour" of America?

American politics
Roland interviews Social Democrats USA.

Islamism, faith, campus politics and intolerance
Paul Stott plays Islam Awareness Week bingo. Tehmina Kazi on One Law for All at Queen Mary. David Osler on the right to wear a cross at work. Sunder Katwala on DV8's Can We Talk About this? Rahila Gupta on the place of faith. If you're interested in that sort of stuff, check out Freethinking Stokie and The Walk.

In the Middle East
Several via Entdinglichung on the struggle for freedom from Iran to North Africa: Vijay Prashad: Arab Spring, Syria and the left: ‘No support for authoritarian regimes, no support for imperialism’ (Links); Kurdish Opposition of Syria speaks up (Support Kurds in Syria); Yacov Ben Efrat: The Syrian nation is victim of the Cold War (Challenge); Assaf Adiv: The crisis of violence in the Arab street (Challenge); Hundreds protest living costs across West Bank (Ma’an News Agency); Unemployment in Iran Doubled in the Course of the Year (iran labor report); 600 Metal Industries Workers Close Down the Street (iran labor report); Yanar Mohammed: Campaign of Iraqi gay killings by smashing skulls with concrete blocks (Organisation of Women’s Freedom in Iraq). Plus: the Arab world's first ladies of oppression; the plight of independent trade unionists in Iraq; Seamas Milne's anti-imperialism of fools; Assad's friends; Mehdi Hasan as objective supporter of Assad.

Pink Prosecco on Hope not Hate. Paul Stott on the Tommy Robinson show.

Jim Denham and Andrew Smith on Ken Livingstone.



Sarah AB said…
I haven't seen the DV8 play, but I thought Sunder Kutwala's review seemed to raise some very fair points.
darren redstar said…
My mate at work today singing Iranian songs "take care lest they smell your breathe and can tell youve said 'I love you'" beautiful beyond words in the aisles at Sainsburys.
modernity's ghost said…
Good links Bob,

Might I suggest another one?

The SU blog has a weird post with what looks like a bunch of fake quotes

And in the comments box you can see John Wight employ the fake Ben Gurion one:

"Zionist terror gangs were already at work by this point, preparing for a war that they were intent on waging regardless of the UN Partition Plan or not.

As Ben Gurion said in 1937: “We must expel the Arabs and take their places.” (David Ben Gurion, 1937, Ben Gurion and the Palestine Arabs, Oxford University Press, 1985).

bob said…
Thanks all.

Sarah, My other half went to see DV8 and said she thought Sunder was spot on.

Darren, That's beautiful.

Mod, Well spotted!
bob said…
Darren, you inspired this

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