A smaller miscellany

This post is essentially a continuation of this one, which was itself a continuation of this one, with basically the same topics. Both have good comment threads, which are still live, and some of the links here are via commenters there. The main topics, again, are Ken Livingstone and George Galloway, arguably the tweedledee and tweedledum of Brititsh left politics.

Some views on Ken and the Joos: Reuben at the Big Smoke, Tony Lerman. Plus, from the archive: why trade unionists should never vote for Ken.

Ross McKibben on why Galloway won (or why Labour lost), Kerem  Nisancioglu on the left and right-wing narratives on Bradford West, Lila Caballero and Marley Morris on the dangers of populism, Sunny on why conventional wisdom is wrong. Excellent local analysis from Kate Welham and Sean Dolat. And here's the more amusing (if disturbing) of the news items.

No monopoly on anti-fascism: AWL on the Searchlight/HnH split.

Ed Maltby on left responses in France to the Toulouse killings.


Daisy said…
In your dreams Mehmet. (For those without Arabic Mehmet is sloganising about how Islam will come to dominate the World).