Stuff that makes me sick and stuff that makes me happy

I started writing a post on things that make me sick, which would have featured Julian Assange and his gullible cultists who stumped up bail money for him which they've now thrown away (which would have been an opportunity about the time I spent in Ecuador, when it rained every day and when I was literally sick), and self-regarding novelists issuing pathetic gestures of denunciation and other worthy but wrong moralisers, and Henry Kissinger the mass murderer who was obscenely given an Israeli presidential award for “his significant contribution to the State of Israel and to humanity” (wtf?), and various other targets.

But I ran out of time, so you're spared that and instead get one of my usual reading lists, this one made up only of the bloggers I will plan to induct into the second circle of adepts of Bobism at the weekend.

George Szirtes is one of my favourite bloggers. Recently, he has blogged a lot on the depressing situation in his native Hungary - read So it goes in Hungary: the fascist at Radnoti's feast or The rehabilitation of the far right in Hungary 3: Hijacking the culture. Such posts are essential reading, and I don't link to them enough. He also tweets, cutting beautiful little gems that epitomise the platform's capacity, using the 140 character limit the way a haiku master uses the rigour of that form.

Shaun tweets as Jams O'Donnell and blogs as The PoorMouth. Read him on anarchists smashing the system, among other things.

Michael Ezra ("anti-communist and hedge fund guru") tweets tirelessly as himself, and blogs at Under the Ocular Tree, channelling uncannily timely voices from the dust of the archive. Read him on the Perdition affair and Auberon Waugh on the WRP.

Kellie Strom tweets as himself, blogs elegantly at Airforce Amazons (read Before and After Torture) and has put in a wonderful guest appearance at Bob's Beats.

Michael Harris tweets as himself. His recently re-designed website now looks very funky. It has sections on free expression, what to do in Lewisham (where he is a Labour councillor), material on the former Soviet empire and on the Labour Party. He can also be found at Index on Censorship's free speech blog and occasionally in the Telegraph too.

Francis Sedgemore blogs as himself. He blogs lucidly on fashionable nonsense (read Science babes put girls off studying science and “Sod the facts, it works for me”), Tory misrule (read Gove gets away with it while Hunt takes all the flak and Camerons put work experience philosophy into practice) and Londonism (read Down with LOCOG and the horse it rode in on).

Reuben is one of the main voices at The Third Estate and is presumably the main voice in its Twitter identity. Read: Workfare is hemorrhaging credibility: it’s high time that Labour’s leaders opened their timid mouths and My prediction proves correct: Brendan O’Neill claims that anger over treatment of unpaid stewards is just middle class paternalism.

James Bloodworth tweets as @ObligedtoOffend and blogs angrily at Obliged to Offend, but also for the Indy (read A quarter of Sunday Times rich list are Tory Party donors) and HuffPo (read It's Time the Left Apologised for Its Denial of the Srebrenica Massacre).

Scott Neil tweets as and blogs at Some Disco, one of the more interesting and hard to categorise blogs you'll see.

Carl Packman tweets as CarlRaincoat, blogs thoughtfully as Raincoat Optimism at Though Cowards Flinch (read him on Jimmy Carr and Moazzam Begg) but also writes for Left Foot Forward (read The sick anti-Semites at the heart of Galloway’s band of bigots), the New Statesman and LibCon.

Marko Attila Hoare tweets as himself and blogs intelligently at Greater Surbiton (read him on Bosnian Muslims in WWII).

Dave R tweets as himself and blogs for the CST. Read him on antisemitism in Toulouse.

I've missed a couple but I've run out of time.


Anonymous said…
SweCIA PornoKingdom's Premier pig REINFELDT's Mammele was porno-instrument in CongoKinshasa, prostitued under UN+NATO soldiers

NATO has for some time helped the murderous so-called opposition groups in Syria in order to force a regime change and put one of the West-controlled puppet in power in Syria, just as was done in countries like Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Everything is part of a carefully thought-out plan (see movie below).
2007 revealed the former NATO General Wesley Clark, U.S. plans for regime change in the Middle East and Africa: YouTube about NWO JeewishImperialism against Humanity
Anonymous said…
Latest Demographic to Jewish Supremacist Israel -- 43 Million Arabs on Facebook

Israel pays Jewish students to post Israeli propaganda to social networks (or didn't you wonder why you don't see them working minimum-wage at the local McDonald's?). Israel also bribes the presstitutes at ABCNNBBCBS to always report the news in a way that favors Israel. The problem is that everyone knows about the hired students and bribed presstitutes and simply ignores all pro-Israel propaganda as they do any other paid advertisement. But Israel can never admit they have miscalculated. Israel can never admit a lie, or a failure, or a mistake. They must find someone else to blame. So it is that we see this screeching about Arabs starting to use social media, and howls of indignation as if Facebook,�Myspace, et. al. were intended to be the exclusive domain of Israel's paid propaganda shills. The historical reality is that all propaganda has a shelf-life. Kept around too long, like rotten eggs and spoiled milk, it starts to give off a recognizable stink, and Israel's manufactured illusion of perpetual victim-hood is obviously well past the sell-by date!
bensix said…
I may not like the ranting but I've got to admit: "presstitutes" is a splendid term that I fully intend to steal.
modernity's ghost said…

Want a a bet that some "anti-imperialist" at least makes *some* effort to defend Iranian First Vice President Mohammad Reza Rahimi's racist speech?
TNC said…
"Israel pays Jewish students to post Israeli propaganda to social networks..."

We can always dream, can't we?
bob said…
It's not normally my policy to leave antisemitic or other racist material undeleted in comment threads. But these were such delicious examples of the mentality of left/right antisemitism, and so amusing, that I'll let them stand. Interesting to see Mondoweiss as fuel for neo-Nazi wingnuts.

Off to claim my paycheck from the Hasbara human resources department, South London branch.

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