So, my current favourite website is probably the UK centre-left multi-authored blog Left Foot Forward, which I have followed since it started for its high editorial standards and strong emphasis on calm, evidence-based analysis. It used to feel a little dull politically, a little New Labour. Recently, it seems to be becoming more angry, but also to depart from the usual left/liberal script. Check it out if you don't already.

Further to the left, and from the other side of the Atlantic, I have been spending a bit of time with The North Star lately.
The North Star’s only party line is that we do not have a party line. Articles posted here reflect the views of their authors, not necessarily those of the editors or other participants. We do, however, prioritize posting material that we think merits serious discussion, particularly if it covers opportunities for anti-capitalists—be they Marxists, anarchists, Occupiers, or whatever—to begin working together. Toward that end, we are as interested in publishing quality material as we are in hosting productive debates in the comments sections of each article. 
This project is partly inspired by the North Star Network, a Marxist group founded by the late Venezuelan-American activist Peter Camejo in the 1980s. Camejo believed that the future of radical politics in this country lay not with the plethora of three-letter left groups but elsewhere. Taking its name from Frederick Douglass’s first newspaper, the network sought to throw off the baggage of dogmatism and sectarianism plaguing American Marxism, emphasizing the importance of democratic, open debate.
It has some very good Marxist material on the Arab spring, for instance.

And some other suggestions:


Rob Marchant said…
Thanks for the link, Bob. Btw think your link to Carl's piece is broken (quite interested to read that one).
bob said…
Thanks Rob. Link amended now.
Rebecca said…
Thanks for the look also.
Rebecca said…
I meant link! Guess I'm tired.
SnoopyTheGoon said…
Thanks for all the links, Bob!
Sarah AB said…
I agree about Left Foot Forward. I particularly like Rebecca's post. The piece about textbooks was interesting too although I felt that it might itself be subjected to the same scrutiny as the original study - but one would have to read right through that to (try to) establish whether The Sad Red Earth was itself being selective and approaching the task with prior expectations.

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