This week's reading

Austerity Britain
Chris Dillow on how big an issue scrounging is. Will Davies on Britain's Breshnev capitalism. The Heresiarch on class consciousness. Alan White on reading the Daily Mail. The Lewisham Hospital Worker bulletin no.14. Richard Seymour on The actuality of a successful capitalist offensive.

On varieties of crap leftism
Terry Glavin on Occupy. Rebecca on Kathy Boudin. Bill Weinberg on the contradictory legacy of Hugo Chávez. A thousand flowers on SWP steward violence against women in Glasgow. Willaim Brett on Cyprus, the communists and anti-European populism. Nick Cohen says beware Zuckerberg's cool capitalism. Capriles on skin-deep socialists.* Pham Binh on Beyond Capitalism.

The People's Assembly Against Austerity
Anna Chen: People's Assembly and Nechayev's Catechism: be very afraid ... Flesh is Grass on The Spirit of '45. AWL: Left unity must be linked to real action. Ian Bone on John Rees.

After the Arab Spring
Lauren Wolfe on Syria's rape crisis. Pham Binh: Have Islamists Hijacked Syria’s Democratic Revolution? Brian Slocum on the left in the Egyptian revolution.

The Soupy One on genteel racism at Liberal ConspiracyWas FDR an antisemite, and could he have done more to stop the Shoah?** Giles Fraser on why we need Israel. Daniel Moneterscu on European Israel-hate.*

Homophobia and transphobia
Francis on homophobia, transphobia and the media.

The right
3WF: Far right split over Chavez.


*Hat tip: That Lefty Tosser. **Hat tip: Jogo. Image credit: Martin Rowson in the Guardian.