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UK Politics and Election 2018

Lewisham East

My take on the runners and riders in the forthcoming Lewisham East by-election, and on the selection process. (A thread that will be out of date by Wednesday night, so read it now.)

Labour antisemitism

Daniel Allington on how antisemitism slips beneath the radar on left-wing social media. Rob Marchant on Len McCluskey's bullying of Labour "moderates". Rosa Doherty: Millennials are proud of being “woke” – so why don’t they call out antisemitism? Some stats on Labour and the Jews, by Stan Anson.

The right, the far right and the really far right

Shiraz Socialism on the hypocrisy and racism of the Tories.

UKIP: Hope not Hate on UKIP's election failures.

Is this Britain's most influential far-right activist? The BBC investigates Jim Dowson.

The hard left

The information war, Syria solidarity and Putinism

Leila Sibai on the tragic fall of Syria’s Eastern Ghouta.

Omar Sabbour on why the White Helmets aren't the West's puppets. Brian Whitaker on Vanessa Beeley, the Kremlin's "goddess" of propaganda. From 2016, but newly republished at Pulse: Charles Davis on why disagreeing on the internet isn't the new McCarthyism. Sam Hamad on the alternate reality that makes genocide possible. Louis Proyect on the contradictory nature of pro-Russian accounts of chemical attacks. Luke Harding on how Russia fights the Salisbury propaganda war.
Anton Mukhamedov on why you aren’t antiwar if you aren’t anti-Assad’s war. Mohammed Sulaiman on the Left’s Erasure of Syrians. Joshka Wessels on how Assad chases, tortures and kills the best of Syria’s young pacifist leftists. Joseph Dahar calls for a rebuilding of revolutionary humanism and genuine anti-war movement. Idrees Ahmed asks if there are really no good guys left in Syria.


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