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I was prompted to write this by listening to Brian Sedgemore on the radio this morning. I think his resignation is deeply dishonourable. He was pretty recently reselected on good faith by Labour Party members in his constituency to represent them. Everything he complains about to do with New Labour (rightly or wrongly) was as true then as it is now. He should have made the jump long ago if he had any moral integrity.

Oliver Kamm on Tory inconsistencies.

Hitch is pro-Labour, despite his "sickly piety... and his liberal authoritarianism, on matters such as smoking and fox-hunting".///Anthony Cox has produced a nice alternative pro-Labour sticker [found via Harry].

Grudgingly pro-Labour:
Crooked Timber: Cheap talk

a General Theory of Rubbish says: "The pathetic Liberals are nothing but Tories without their kicking boots on and act as Tories whenever they gain any power. There potential for any radicalism is non-existent. I'm not wasting any time on them. Fuck them."///Oliver Kamm trashs Brian Sedgemore.

Red Pepper's Election Blues: Around the Left (Links, for example, to the IWCA and the Socialist Party).

Oona v George:
Oliver Kamm: Who is The most conservative voice in this election?///Daily Telegraph: Police move in for the battle of Bethnal Green.
///Narcissistic adopted East Ender Tracey Emin won't be voting for Labour's Oona.

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