Jordan is Jewish

From Totally Jewish - News Channel, news on the Royal Mail's celebration of Jordan (the topless model, not the Arab country).
The Royal Mail has defended its decision to include glamour model Jordan in a special set of stamps celebrating the contribution of Anglo-Jewry to contemporary British culture.

The 26-year-old calendar girl, who’s real name is Katie Price, will appear alongside the Chief Rabbi, Robert Winston, Maureen Lipman and Greville Janner on the first day cover, which is due to be released in August.

The collection is being issued to commemorate the bicentenary of the modern Post Office, founded in 1805 by the Jewish postmaster general Baron Herschel Montefiore.

I can't say I think Jordan is the best representative of the Anglo-Jewish contribution, but I probably marginally prefer her to Robert Winston.

(Found via Daily Jews- Licking the Chief Rabbi and Jordan

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