Monday, April 18, 2005

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Welcome new referrer: Rabbi Y. Klavan. Sample sentence: "Rabbi Yehoshua Klavan was born to Binyomin and Rachel Klavan in Yanishok, Lithuania on Sunday August 24th 1884, Rosh Chodesh Elul 5644. He was born into a family of prominent scholars."

Yet Again with the Pope

More bloglinks: Oliver Kamm: A papal legacy: ["
Timothy Garton Ash in The Guardian gives the most thoughtful commentary I have seen in the UK press on the political impact of John Paul’s papacy. Evidently apprehensive at gaining a reputation for being informed and thoughtful, the newspaper also runs a litany of complaint by Terry Eagleton, an early and impressionable exponent (under the auspices of the radical-Catholic Slant magazine) of the Christian-Marxist dialogue of the 1960s, who has apparently never come to terms with its futility."]
Via Adam Kotsko
: Zizek on the Pope's Failures, Roland Boer on Terry Eagleton and the Vicissitudes of Christology and First Things on Eagleton's Catholicism.
Keywords: Pope Benedict, Pope John Paul, Cardinal Ratzinger

(Previous post: Again with the Pope.)

Carnival of the Un-Capitalists
Majikthise is hosting the current Carnival of the Un-Capitalists. Highlight: The Right to Eat Enchiladas at Freiheit und Wissen, who also has some weighty posts on Ward Churchill.

Oliver Kamm says: Don't give Louis Michel a cigar. (Previous post: Che and the librarians.)

Efraim Karsh of the New Republic on Juan Cole and Eric the Unred on Tariq Ramadan.

Human Rights in Syria
Normblog on the thousands of political prisoners in Syria. (And they say we should be boycotting Israeli academics!)

Mugabe and Mbeki
From Normblog, Tony Parkinson on the teflon tyrant.

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