Blair's fault?

From Eric yesterday at DSTP4W:
After another seven days we have another attack, thankfully only disruptive in nature. It could have been much worse.

Hands up those who think that if:
  • Blair had resigned last week

  • and, an announcement that Britain would be withdrawing troops from Iraq and Afghanistan had been issued
today's attacks would not have occurred?

I'll give you a clue:
An al-Qa'eda plot to blow up a high-speed train packed with tourists and Easter pilgrims in Spain was foiled by chance yesterday.

The bomb, planted 35 miles south of Madrid on the line to Seville, was similar to the 10 devices that killed 191 people on commuter trains in the Spanish capital last month [3/11], the government said.
Here's Michael J Totten:
Let's assume for the sake of argument that appeasing some of Al Qaeda's demands (those precious few that are actually appeasable) will at least put a given country lower down the hit list if not actually all the way off it. Okay then. Why not go as far as possible? If it's worth doing something to mollify Al Qaeda, then it's worth doing another thing to mollify them even more. If the whole point is to keep your head down, then keep your head down. Lowering your chin but not your forehead is not going to cut it.
Myself, I think Blair is wrong to keep seperating Iraq and the attacks. He should say that if these attacks are because of what we're doing in Iraq, that confirms we're doing something right, as it is morally good to do things that irritate evil psychotic mass murderers.


I'm half-heartened, half-dissappointed that Harcamone's post below and particularly mine on Galloway have attacted attention from sort of the fascists who think that Blair is more evil than Al-Qaeda and from those who think you can only comment on Islam if you are Muslim. Apparently, Harcamone is "too caught up in the media's propaganda and cant see the real world". In the real world, I guess, there are no Muslim terrorists.

Daily Sally: The Terror in Terrorism

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Anonymous said…
C'mon, Bob, 'fascists'? Looking at those comments, I hardly think their posters qualify as 'fascists'. You've been making *some* valid points here about the inconsistency and hypocrisy of the 'left', but the shrill tone ill becomes you... what are you really trying to say?

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