The day after

Daniel lives near the where some of the bombs went off, and emerged safely, but only just. (See also his reflections here .)

Open Democracy writes:
Thursday is a normal working day at openDemocracy's office in Clerkenwell, London, the day we send our weekly email digest of material published on the site.

But this Thursday, 7 July 2005, central London was hit by a series of coordinated bombings which claimed the lives of at least 33 people and injured hundreds more. The disruption to the city's transport network will be repaired, but the human losses and the scars will remain.

All of us at openDemocracy are safe. We warmly thank all those who today have sent us their concern and solidarity. We are moved by the humanity of these messages.

Today, London has rejoined that chain of cities and regions - from New York to Mombasa, Madrid to Istanbul, Casablanca to Bali - whose everyday citizens have suffered indiscriminate, violent assault. In face of it, we affirm our commitment to continue our work in the interests of a fairer, more just and peaceful world.

Tomorrow, we will send our regular weekly email. Today, our editor Isabel Hilton writes in defence of "the democratic values that terror seeks to destroy".

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