East London and Stockwell

East London Mosque
Reports from earlier today (like this and this) gave the impression the Mosque - which is indeed a hotbed of radical Islamism - was the target of a police raid, when in fact, as it now turns out, it was the target of a bomb threat. The bomb threat - was it the work of white supremacist fascists or of malicious 'ordinary' Muslim-haters?


The repurcussions are going to be terrible if it turns out that the man shot at Stockwell was wholly innocent - a real gift for the bigots of all stripes who want to make the Thames run with blood...

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Anonymous said…
How Muslims should address the war on terror.

We, as Muslims, know that the motivation for any so-called Jihadist activities is not a "hatred for freedom," but rather a reaction to foreign policies and the encroachment of the West on Islamic world. Is the violence justified? No. Is the violence the best reaction to the policies? No. Does the West want the violent reactions? Yes. Why? So the West can continue its encroachment on the lives of Muslims everywhere. What should Muslims do about it? Muslims in the world should drop the resistance and anger against the West. The greatest fear of policymakers in the West is not the violence; the violence can be quelled, but rather the explosive growth potential in the population of the Muslim World. Muslim nations have the youngest average age of all nations in the world, and therefore the greatest potential for population growth. This is what drives fear in the West and why it reacts with such hatred; the world through demographic change will become more Islamic by default. With the West bringing the war to the Islamic world and killing thousands of Muslims today, the West is actually killing hundreds of thousands if not millions of Muslims a few generations from now. This is at the heart of the West's war on terror agenda. The West must slow the growth of the world Islamic population. If there really is a war between the West and Islam right now, it will not be won or lost with guns, but rather birth rates. Demography is destiny. Muslims will only survive by living peacefully as the Quran teaches, and focusing on the growth and stability of the family as they have done for many generations.
Anonymous said…
There is no war between Islam and the West. *There is no war*: that's the very nature of terrorism.

If there *is* a war, it's between terrorists and innocent civilians. Terrorists do not go to war with a government. They go to war with the families of those who lost their lives.

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