Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Libertarians on Chavez

Of Chavistas and Anarquistas: Brief Sketch of a Visit to Venezuela - Venezuela/Colombia Anarchist movement - Anarkismo

This is quite an interesting report on the Bolivarian revolution, which sees both the authoritarian and emancipatory side of the Chavez project. [Via RtbI, via Mutualist]


Anonymous said...

Hugo Chavez and the Bolivarian Revolution shows how popular a government can be when it actually cares about its people. Unlike the terror regime in Washington (total surveillance of all Americans, torture, disappearances, illegal invasions of defenseless countries, and 'signing statements' exempting the White House from any and all law, utter loyalty to corporatism, i.e. fascism in the purest sense), when a government actually helps its people with TANGIBLE aid as opposed to empty rhetoric and propaganda the people respond. Chavez has, in fact, done more for AMERICA'S poor (see: than our oil profit-bloated regime has. When a foreign head of state cares more about the fate of America's poor than the American government, obviously it is time for a change. --- Americans for Chavez,

bob said...

"anonymous" is stupid and historically ill-informed enough to think that the Bush government is a "terror regime" and "fascism in its purest sense", and at the same time is unable to see that Chavez's oil profit-bloated regime has shat all over core civil freedoms. Go figure, as they say.