Neocon prophet?

'Reading Leo Strauss,' by Steven B. Smith - New York Times

Via Jogo, who writes: "Short, tantalizing window onto Leo Strauss"

Meanwhile, my father, a veteran of the University of Chicago from the Strauss era writes:

"Just as an aside, when I was at the U of Chicago (65-66) Strauss was not then considered "conservative". In a way, he has become categorised in this way mainly by the activities and writings of people who were/are conservative and who have wished to claim a descent from him. It's true that others at Chicago with him, and sometimes seen as associated with him --such as Saul Bellow and Edward Shils -- also were not considered "conservative" then, but did definitely move rightwards thereafter, and perhaps Strauss has been too much, if wrongly, associated with that group as a whole."



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