Possibly the ugliest website I've ever seen (Or: academic anti-zionism again)

The new higher education union in Britain, UCU, formed from a merger of the AUT (which voted for, then against, an academic boycott of particular Israeli universities) and NATFHE (which has voted for a boycott of Israeli academics unless they can be tested and proven to be good - i.e. anti-Zionist - Jews) will be deciding at its next conference whether or not to boycott Israel.

The UCU Left - whose website could win some prizes for horrific use of colour - are going to 'debate' the issue at their next meeting on 24 June. (Here's the programme). Whose debating? Sue Blackwell, who proposed the AUT motion for boycott, and Professor Jonathan Rosenhead (AKA "Johnathan Rosenhead"), another pro-boycotter.

So, here's a call to all genuinely left-wing UCU members, those who have more time on their hands than me, to go and fight for the real left-wing values by arguing against the boycott.

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