New Generation

Thirty years since the passing of the Race Relations Act, Britain faces a crisis of discourse around race and faith. These have always been sensitive topics, but the debate has hit new lows of simplicity and hysteria in the past few years. People want to talk. They need to talk. But how do they engage in a discussion which has been manipulated by recent governments to demonise minority groups, while being increasingly hijacked by self-appointed "community leaders"?
Today sees the launch of the New Generation Network, with a manifesto published at CiF and an and an editorial by Sunny Hundal. This is fantastic.

I have written extensively on this before - read these articles to see why I'm excited:

Sunny's Pickled Politics is tracking media coverage.

Other news: MPAC's 'grave error' over David Irving (Telegraph) /(Observer)
See also: Martin Bright on the British ramifications of Bangladeshi politics.


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