No Music Day

Tomorrow, the 21st, is No Music Day.

No Music Day is an aspiration, an idea, an impossible dream, a nightmare.

There are as many reasons for marking No Music Day as there are people willing to observe it - or reject it.

No Music Day is on the 21st of November this and every year.
No Music Day is on the 21st of November because the 22nd of November is Saint Cecilia's day. Saint Cecilia is the patron saint of music. In many countries the 22nd of November was the day chosen to give thanks for and to celebrate the existence of music.

No Music Day has nothing to sell.
There is no mission statement.

Our Richard is taking part. Resonance FM are on board. It is, of course, a Bill Drummond production.

This morning, sitting on the 171 bus*, I really understood why we need such a day. I'd left my personal IPod cocoon behind. The man in front of me had a walkman with poor quality headphones, emitting a house music ttt-ttt-ttt. Two seats behind me a teenager was playing some grime music on his mobile phone. I was trying to read some of Mitch Duneier's beautiful prose in Slim's Table and just couldn't concentrate.

By the way, while writing this, I have been listening to John Zorn's "The Ghosts of Thelema" (mp3 available from Le Blogotheque) and Orchestre Boabab's "Kelen Ati Len" (mp3
via Webjay). But if you read this tomorrow, don't download them!

*Added 171 bus links: Jon Worth, Wonderland.

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