Monday, March 05, 2007

Atzmon yet again

A while back, I attacked the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign for inviting the hideous Gilad Atzmon to speak. To their credit, the SPSC realised they made a mistake.

Roland Rance writes on the Just Peace UK discussion list:
Mick Napier of Scottish PSC has published an article in their discussion forum strongly denouncing Shamir and Atzmon. I have already added my comments; I urge others to register and contribute to the debate. When we see the vile denunciation on Mary Rizzo's weblog of Michael Rosen for his letter in Socialist Worker, we must congratulate SPSC for their stance, for their recognition that it was a mistakee to host Atzmon recently, and for their principled courage in making this public statement.

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Hat tip: Arieh

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