Friday, March 02, 2007


The great Lewisham News blog, out of action for ages now, is back. But why is all of the news depressing?

While I'm here, my three favourite google search referrals this week: I'm #1 for "shared civic culture in India", no.21 for "diamond geezer anarchist", and no.2 for "vulgar materialism".

Two blogs I keep meaning to add to the blogroll: Scottish Co-operative Wholesale Republic (source of the image above - now you're intrigued, eh?) and Fat Man on a Keyboard.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Please grab anti-Olmert's Purim buttons from
The buttons are free and could be hotlinked. Let's make some fun of Olmert!

(moe) said...

If anyone has some good news it will get top billing :)

In fact, there's a challenge - let's go out and create some good news!


Brockley Nick said...

I've tried to redress the balance with