Tuesday, March 06, 2007

What's the world made of? (Bob or non-Bob)

What's the world made of? is a wonderful website. Using google, it calculates the relative weight of two different components of the world. Nicely, the world is 100% Bob, 0% non-Bob.

Found via an AlertNet blog:
Which is more topical - Iraq or Darfur? Iraq - it gets 93.6 percent...

The website compares how many pages search engine Google finds for each one.

Which means Darfur champion George Clooney gets just 30 percent, while refugee rights pin-up Angelina Jolie stars with 70 percent. Angelina gets better press for her international adoptions than Madonna, but the queen of pop wipes the floor with Angelina if you compare their general search hits, scoring a massive 91.1 percent.

Is good more powerful than evil? YES! (84.8 percent). Truth or beauty? The world is very superficial, apparently - beauty is well ahead on 77.4 percent. War or peace? Sadly, war gets three-quarters of the pie.

Fair trade coffee or conflict diamonds? Sixty-five percent for the guilt-free beverage. Fair trade bananas don't do so well, by the way. Just 51 percent, compared to 49 percent for the blood-stained jewels.

It's completely pointless and very silly, and yet strangely compelling.
1649.org also brings you the Capital Ring walk (here is a nice South London segment: Falconwood to Crystal Palace) and this lovely Deptford walk.

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