Save our pubs, South London

Following on from this, this and this, read Andrew Milton on "a small beacon of hope in Hither Green" in the battle against rampant property speculation, against the spread of Clone Town Britain, and against what Sharon Zukin calls "pacification by cappuccino" (or what Class War used to call "economic cleansing").


Matt said…
Can you get He'Brew beers over there? It's quite tasty.
bob said…
I've never actually had it - I just like the label!
I was wondering this afternoon what the class-equivalent of "ethnic cleansing" was, and if there was any kind of vaguely-recognised phrase for it...thanks!

90% of the population of the borough of Berlin-Mitte (that's the centre, in the political 'east' of the city) has been 'exchanged' since 1989.
Anonymous said…
He’Brew was originally produced at the Anderson Valley Brewing Company in Boonville (Medocino County, California). I used to know the master brewer back in the day. Hendy Woods State Park is right down the road. It’s a beautiful place.

These days I think it is brewed in NYC and still distributed by the Schmaltz Company.