Tuesday, January 15, 2008

South London blogging

I've not really done any South London blogging for ages (although I did post some eatery reviews at Brockley Central!*), so here are four blogs I have only just come across (mostly courtesy of Andrew):
On a related theme, but not a new blog to me: Brockley Central on the demise of Lewisham's pubs.

*My Brockley Central eatery reviews in comments at: Ecosium, Brockley Barge, Cafe Blanca.


Daniel of "Daniels Counter" said...

Hey Kings Cross seems like a desert when it comes to bloggers. Are most London bloggers in Brockley? I mean I am still the only regular one at Kings Cross? PS thanks for your mentionings and quotes from my Blog as always!

dulwichmum said...

Wow Bob! You got me...

Not everyone does you see, some people think my blog is a real diary. I am endlessly explaining! I am so impressed.