Bob's beats: Fourth of July

Happy Independence Day, American readers!

Note: not sure where I got all of these. Let me know if I am violating your intellectual property or otherwise being unethical, and I will take down. Listeners, think about buying the albums.

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Official websites and places to buy CDs: Ani Di Franco, Richard Shindell, Neko Case, Mountain Goats, Danny Michel, Bettye LaVette, Sharon Jones and the Daptones, Barbara Dane, LCD Soundsytem.

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Anonymous said…
Don't forget that Louis Armstrong always claimed to have been born on 4th July 1900. He probably never knew his true date of birth (recent research has established it as 4th August 1901), but the fouth of July at tyhe beginning of the Century was surely appropriate for this all-American boy.

Ralph Ellison placed Armstrong in perspective in a letter written to his friend Albert Murray:

"Human anguish is human anguish, love love; the difference between Shakespeare and lesser artists is eloquence. Which reminds me that here, way late, I've discovered Louis Armstrong singing 'Mack the Knife.' Skakespeare invented Caliban or changed himself into him. Who the hell dreamed up Louis? Some of the bop boys consider him Caliban, but if he is, he is a mask for a lyric poet who is much greater than most now writing. Man and mask, sophistication and taste hiding behind clowning and crude manners - the American joke, man."
Imposs1904 said…
Cheers for the Barbara Dane track. Never heard it before.

I know it's a bit literal but I like the Aimee Mann track, '4th of July'.

Maybe next year . . .