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Midnight Special
I love Odetta, who is still touring in her eighties, and "Midnight Special" is one of my favourite songs. So, here's Odetta singing it at Keep the Coffee Coming. Like Jonathan Richman's "Buzz Buzz Buzz", though, this song will always be a sad song for me now, as it makes me think of my friend Paul, who is no longer with us.

South London song
Brixton's Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine covering the Pet Shop Boys' "Rent" is South London's revenge on the West End. Listen at Vinyl Villain.

North London song
A band who evoke for me what London feels like even more than Carter do are North London's St Etienne. Some great tracks at Pain or Plan.

More brass

If you liked this, check out Boban I Marko Markovic Orkestar Brass Madness at Mainstream ain't so bad.

More cool Israeli music
Aurgasm does a good line in Israeli music. Here is J.Viewz, Tel Aviv jazz/electronica producer, with "Muse Breaks", a South London-sounding drum & bass track with a ragga-style male vocal and cool muted trumpet.

A Land Called Paradise
Kareem Salama's "A Land Called Paradise" is an extremely mainstream-sounding country music track by a Muslim-American singer. I can't say the song is that great in itself, but the video is very interesting. Richard Silverstein posted the video and has some sensible comments. Here's Kareem's website.

Hannukah in July

The Late Greats present some out-of-season seasonal music, including:
  • The Klezmatics ~ Hanukah Tree
  • Brave Combo ~ Hanukkah, Oh Hanukkah
  • Adam Sandler ~ The Chanukah Song
  • Brigid Kaelin ~ Mazel Tonk
  • The Klezmonauts ~ Santa Gey Gezunderheit

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Transpontine said…
St Etienne? North London? You wot? Surely they are Croydon! (well maybe not Sara Cracknell).
bob said…
Gosh, I've always thought of them as North London, because of the words of "London Belongs to Me", one of the first of their songs I heard, around when I moved to London - and so I always think of places like Haverstock Hill and Camden Parkway when I hear them. But, yes, according to Wikipedia, Wiggs and Stanley are from Horsham and Reigate, but Cracknell is an Essex girl.

How did I not know that?

And how do I re-write the post?

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