F*ck the Creative Industries

Great post from Squares of Wheat: Fuck the Creative Industries

I'll extract one of my favourite bits below, but it's very worth reading the whole thing.

Fuck them then because they really are an industry, an ugly, landscape-scarring, mind-polluting industry, treating talent like a mine and inspiration like dirty fuel. Fuck them again because of the frequency with which they demand subsidy and succour for their industry when they decide it’s an art. An entrepreneur wearing a t-shirt of a band you like is still an entrepreneur. And an entrepreneur is just a small maggot who wants to be a fat maggot. One day, he’ll grow up to be a fly and shit in your food.

Fuck the creative industries because they promise to bring change, innovation and ‘disruption’ to the table before serving the same old bitter vinegar in impractically-shaped new bottles. People who think that product design ’shapes the way we live’ should be permanently rehoused on a Midlands sink estate and mugged repeatedly until they develop better theories about the relationship between aesthetics and social formation.

P.S. my South London readers: comrades S.o.W. has unfortunately now departed Brockley for pastures Wester. Here's a great parting shot to the Southside. Oh, and Transpontine will like this post.


George S said…
Personally, I like this bit:

Fuck them because they flood our eyes and ears with media like a backed-up sewer. Their whip pans, crash zooms and tedious electronics soundtracks are the vectors of a deadly, suffocating cholera of distraction.

Absolutely. And they can take their arm-waving TV personality-presenters with them.

But 'lipstick on a corpse'?On a pig, surely!
By way of rebuttal I have only two words to say: Don Draper!
Anonymous said…
fantastic rant!

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