anti-capitalist revolutionaries who live better than 99.9% of the rest of us

In a recent e-mail from Jogo:
Of course I do appreciate the very greatest thing about Pete Seeger -- he tried to sing a new world into being. Too bad he was wrong about Stalin; and wrong, too, about Steve and Loretta trying their best to make a clean, safe life in Daly City (the community in the South SF Bay that inspired the disgusting snotty song "Little Boxes"). Pete never had to live in a little box. Pete was a Bohemian. He and Toshi bought their land in Beacon in 1949, while my family was living in a little box in a vertical tower of boxes.

Maybe I just don't like anti-capitalist revolutionaries who live better than 99.9% of the rest of us in capitalist society. Like Bill Ayers and his wife. And Pete Seeger on his cute farm, miles from any little boxes, where nobody writes graffiti on his barn.
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Anonymous said…
Most people's desire for a nice place to live doesn't make them complicit with all the crimes of twentieth-century architecture. But there's a corporate film by the Laing construction company, called 'Where You Live' which uses 'Little Boxes' as the soundtrack to a panorama of a 1950s Easiform cottage estate (very similar to the one Lynsey Hanley describes in 'Estates') before launching into a spirited defence of combination of security and individuality allegedly possible on such an estate. Katherine Shonfield's 'Walls Have Feelings' is a rather better political and cultural take on the lasting malignity of brutalism in this country.
Anonymous said…
the irrelevance of [blank for your own message]

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