Friday, June 12, 2009

Cous-cous in Brockley

The Brockley Jack Film Club is screening Couscous on Monday night.
Monday 15 June 2009 at 7.30PM

COUSCOUS (La graine et le mulet)
Abdel Kechiche / France 2008 / 147 min / French with English subtitles / cert: 15

Set in the North African community of Sète on the Mediterranean Sea, Couscous follows the trials and tribulations of Slimane, a sixty-something dock worker who decides to pursue his lifelong ambition of opening a couscous restaurant when he is laid off by his shipyard employer.

However, in order to make his dream a reality, Slimane will have to call in favours from an eclectic extended family, which include his children, an ex-wife, a mistress and her daughter. With tempers simmering, the warring family must unite to overcome adversity and ultimately risk everything in order to make the Slimane's project a success.

“Remarkable and thought-provoking” Time Out

Internet Movie Database link

Booking Information
Ticket prices £6 non-members, £3 members
Box office: 020 8699 6685
(French title: La graine et le mulet, US title: The Secret of the Grain.)

Bonus links: Claudia Roden, one of my personal goddesses, with some tips on Middle Eastern cooking; Ha'aretz peice on Morroccan Jewish cooking in Israel; a highly inauthentic but tasty-looking couscous and red mullet recipe.


Andrew Coates said...

It is, as I have reviewed it, one of all time favs'.

Not that I have ever eaten Cousous with anything otehr than the classic Mergueuz and chicken, chick-peas etc.

Edie said...

Such a wonderful film, and good to see it in South London!

By the way, Under the Net has moved:

patrick said...

Haven't heard of this - I'll definitely have to check it out

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