Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A whole raft of things

I am updating my last post, on the seismic shifts in UK politics since the Euro elections (the collapse of New Labour, rise of the BNP and possibility of new alignments on the far left). Here are some links about other things. 18 June: I have added a couple of links to this post too today.

For democracy in Iran
I have nothing really to add to what has been said about Iran, but it has been enormously inspiring to see people taking to the streets against such odds, and enormously depressing to see the vicious clamp downs by the brutal theocracy. More from Jeff W, Entdinglichung, Maryam N, Mod, Bataille Socialiste (mostly in French, but lots of photos and videos), Jams. More links from Roland. Added: Revolutionary Road, AWL, Michael Totten, The Hitch. Links and more links from Mod.

For the SOAS cleaners
I was up at SOAS last night to hear Moishe Postone, and enjoyed the drumming of those occupying in solidarity with the sacked and, in some cases, deported SOAS cleaners. It is good to see students getting active around the suffering of those close to them as well as those distant: that they express solidarity for the usually invisible people that literally clean up after them. Lots from the occupiers' blog and Jim J. Music from History is Made at Night (Guthrie's "Deportees" - see also here.)

Left antisemitism
My perennial topic. Long piece at Social Republic. Short piece at Contested Terrain.

The Root: Is jewish the new black? (h/t Jogo). Klezmer: tales of the wild East.

More on the neo-Nazi shooter James von Brunn
Adam Holland on the Ron Paul link (via Mod). Roland asks if he is of the right or the left.
UPDATE: After Roland's comment below, I spent time at Adam Holland's site. I want to recommend here all his James von Brunn posts and all his Ron Paul posts.

Other round-ups
TNC. Poumista.


Roland Dodds said...

Thanks for the link. Adam Holland’s blog as been required reading as of late, especially with the recent right wing shootings. His recent piece on General Pedro A. Del Valle and his connection to Von Burnn is outstanding.

Anonymous said...

check out 'not brisker yeshivish'

bob said...

Thanks Roland. Have added links.

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