Thursday, October 01, 2009

And when the Rebbe dances the walls dance with him... And when the Rebbe sings the holy melody the devil remains a corpse on the floor

This post is everthing I've read this week and would like you to read too. The title is explained deep below.

The BNP, the EDL, Jew-hatred
and Muslim-hatred
What's in a name? An awful lot... Nick Griffin blames the EDL on "Zionists" (plus a little more from the CST). Muslim matchmakers, advertise with the EDL! The BNP and anti-capitalism. Why the UAF is not the right way to fight the BNP.

Foreigner-hatred versus the new cosmopolitanism
Calais: Thousands are sailing (highly recommended). Bad science? The UK Border Agency's racist biology. From Scotland to Calais: immigration is not the problem. The tabloids and right-wing extremism. Gulags for foreigners: Italy and Libya. The truth about Calais: 1, 2.

Ruling class watch
More on Baroness Scotland: One woman's success is another's exploitation.

Leonard Cohen: That's how the light gets in. From the archive: Albert Camus on Israel/Palestine; Einstein's complexity.

Zero tolerance for antisemitism on the left (kudos to Andy for writing this, rather depressing comment thread). More commentary on the TUC boycott: Martin Bright, Roger Lyons.

Libyan land grab in Mali (Note: one important feature in this story is the deal involving Chinese hybrid rice. This exemplifies the role of China in the new forms of privatized colonialism that enslave Africa and the rest of the global South.) The wrong kind of vibrancy? - on the massacre in Guinea.

Martin Bright offers a new recipe for the 'decent left'? (I completely agree with his comments here. Aside: Bright is now the political editor of the JC.) Martin Meenagh unpicks the left's anti-Catholicism.Michael Berube follows up his cultural studies piece here. Andrew Coates gives his roll-call of leftist heroism (as the antidote to Neil Clark's retro-Stalinoid version).

Sarf London (and Kent)
Banging sticks together in the Autumn - the Blackheath Morris dancers in Chislehurst. The BNP in Swanley: useless. Deptford Tory: useless. Babylon at the Albany.

Roman Polanski
It is quite a disgusting spectacle to see the liberal cultural elite, including many who really ought to know better, flocking to defend Roman Polanski. Some dissenting voices: Rosie Bell, Joan Smith, Kieran Healy, Andrew Brown.

Some more blog round-ups: Poumista, Anti-German Translation.

Bob's Beats
First, some cool Israeli grimy global crunky hip hop in English, Arabic, Hebrew and heaven knows what else, with Soulico featuring Ghostface Killah, the great Rye Rye, and MC Zulu.

Second, this took me by suprise. Half way through glitchcore number "Sha! Shtil!" by Gucci Vump (aka Brødinski), you can actually hear the Yiddish folk song "Sha Shtil" by Pinchas Jassinowsky, whose lyrics are the title of this post. Anyone know who Gucci Vump is sampling? The Deutsch Sisters? Listen to some old-style versions here (I'd recommend the Theodore Bikel version or the slightly too far out Yale Strom version). Or listen to the L-Vis 1990 dubblestep/house remix here or here. L-Vis has also remixed South East London UK Funky Crazy Couzins (listen here), which leads us to...

To finish, having mentioned Babylon, here is some footage from it, of New Cross's Jah Shaka from 1980, UK dub's golden age. Awesome. (You can also watch the trailer here, or read an interview with director Franco Rosso here. Extracts are used to great effect in this Deptford.TV video about the Moonshot that I've already featured.)


Jim Jay said...

You're completely right on Polanski - I'm utterly bemused not just by the fact that some liberal figures have defended Polanski but also how they have done it.

If this man was not famous and rich then perhaps these liberals would have been slightly less star struck over someone who is afterall a serial peodophile.

ModernityBlog said...

that socialist unity post was surprisingly good and most welcome, you don't see many like that on the Left nowadays, but it was somewhat spoiled by the idiocy in the comments boxes

Migreli said...

The Polanski case would never had reached this point were it not for a California and US legal system that allows, even encourages, plea bargains, and allows bail even in cases of serious crime. The plea bargain negotiated thirty years ago by Polanski's lawyers and the prosecutor converted a serious charge of coercive rape into a much lesser charge of statutary rape. This, even though the evidence of coercive rape was incontrovertible. No wonder the judge balked at going through with the plea bargain. Polanski knew the judge's doubts, and fled.

Plea bargains and prosecutions based on stings should not be allowed. Plea bargains discourage due process because the case is never heard in open court. They also facilitate miscarriage of justice, either by giving undeserved leniancy towards perpetrators of serious crimes, or by allowing vindicative and unprincipled prosecutors to threaten the accused with false accusations, thereby extracting falsely self-incriminating confessions which would not otherwise be given.

Sting operations usually involve the police in committing illegal actions and literally create crimes where none existed before. In fact, one could argue that legally, the police are guilty in law in sting operations since their intent was for illegal acts to be committed. Motive has no legal bearing in most cases, intent is all that matters.

bob said...

Someone else right about Polanski, via Jogo:

I don't have high intellectual expectations of Whoopi Goldberg (although I would expect her to be on the side of a rape victim), but I am extremely dissappointed at people like Anne Applebaum and Claude Lanzmann.

Martin Meenagh said...

I agree with you about Polanski too--and many thanks for the link! Hope that all is well

bob said...

More Polanski:

Taranto again, pointing out some cracks in the leftist pro-Roman monolith:
James Taranto(scroll down to Strange Bedfellows) Follow the link to the the excellent Katha Pollit

For an indictment of the left (which needs answering):
David Steinberg

All via Jogo