Monday, October 12, 2009

Anti-Fascism in the 21st Century

Having mentioned issue #6 of Shift magazine in my last post, I subsequently bought issue # 7 at Freedom. The article "Anti-Fascism in the 21st Century" is very good, and echoes many of the arguments made in this blog, by Waterloo Sunset and others: for a coherent, grassroots anti-fascist organisation that is political as well as simply "militant", for the need to address the roots of anti-fascism rather than make liberal moralistic condemnations of it, for the type of "dogshit politics" that I mentioned the other day, and against ballot box-led anti-fascism, against the forms of liberal anti-fascism that bolster mainstream politics, and against the gestural politics of shouting "Nazi". As far as I can tell, the article is not on-line anywhere, although its author, Phil Dickens, blogs at Truth, Liberty, Reason and Property is Theft.

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