Remembering our dead

Poumista has a great list of links to obituaries to Marek Edelman, leaving me with nothing left to say. Except what an extraordinary man to be mourned by Trotskyists, Zionists and the US State Department! Here are some of the links: Moshe Arens, Nick Lowles, History is Made at Night, Tim Collard, MJ Rosenberg, the Tomb, Charlie Pottins, ZWord, Contested Terrain, Jew on this, Rislu, Third Estate, Anne Frank’s Drumkit, Socialist Unity, David Rosenberg… and the US State Department. ADDED: This mandolin kills fascists.

Steve Cohen, who I mourned here, is commemorated in the latest (now not so recent) edition of New Interventions, the latest (hot off the press) Jewish Socialist, and the last but one (not sure when) Shift magazine. New Interventions, which seems to have no real web presence, so get it from Housmans, publishes a fascinating piece by Steve about the history of antisemitism and anti-alienism in the British labour movement. Jewish Socialist carries a nice appreciation from his comrade Dave Landau, of No One is Illegal - it's also print-only, so go buy. Shift has two pieces: an obituary, taken from Indymedia London (read the original here: it has a link to me and a reading list), and Steve's response to the Lebanon war, "Writing as a Jewish traitor".

And, finally, here is a little more Mercedes Sosa for you to listen to (via Theme for a Great Cities).


ModernityBlog said…
Thanks for those links, Bob, following one of them I came upon Jewdas' poor excuse for a boycott of Israelis.

In particular I liked the almost complete lack of a sense of history which the article puts out, as in

"It is time to realize that it is not the Israeli who is targeted by BDS, but the Israeli government and Israeli institutions that collaborate in the occupation of the Palestinians, and degrade and demonize them."

Key bit: it is not the Israeli who is targeted by BDS,

It is a pity that the author, Sami Hermez, hasn't spoken to those Israelis that were boycotted by Mona Baker.

All rather piss poor and dodgy reasoning, devoid of historical content or actual facts. Shame.

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