The First Minute of a New Day

This week's reads: Noga on Lauren Booth; Gerry Hassan on the humans behind the tea party; Modernity on UAF's forgetfulness about antisemitism; Graeme on Zizek on multiculturalism and immigration; Graeme on Pam Geller and Radovan Karadzik; Roland on America tossing out its political class; Reb Matgamna on the poverty of anti-imperialism; Dale Street on how the left fails Muslim women; the Weekly Worker on Stop the War's lies.

Below, Gil Scott Heron's "Beginnings (The First Minute of a New Day)" from his new album, I'm New Here, which you should buy, if you only buy one album this year. (Sound quality on this YouTube a bit poor. Blip's audio version a bit better.)


modernity said…
ta very much for the links, but I confess it is not my best effort this month, I preferred:

as it brought back old memories.

Plus was more informative.

But the one I had to write was

I like that one...altho many LP supporters might not :)
Graeme said…
Nice one with the Gil Scott Heron. He played here earlier this year as part of the jazz fest. I couldn't go because I was working but my wife went and she said he was brilliant. I wish I could have went.
bob said…
G- Lots of people who have seen him live have said it's a dissappointment, especially in large venues, where he has been known to turn in quite perfunctory sets. All the reviews I've read since his "comeback", though, have been positive. My one experience of seeing him live was, it is no exaggeration to say, one of the highlights of my life.

Mod - I have a BNP/EDL post brewing and another workfare/BigSoc post brewing, so I was saving those links for that!
skidmarx said…
mod - jonathan hoffman's intervention on brian coleman was quite illuminating.

What does "Reb" Matgamna mean by:
"although, when it had first taken shape in 1999, its SWP core had made it into a murderously anti-Muslim movement..."?
bob said…
What does "Reb" Matgamna mean by:
"although, when it had first taken shape in 1999, its SWP core had made it into a murderously anti-Muslim movement..."?

He meant that Stop the War in relation to Kosovo was, as he says in the previous section, de facto in support of the slaughter of Muslim ethnic Albanians. See also my post here, which covers some similar ground.
ModernityBlog said…

That thread with the Balkans stuff was good, WS's contribution was informative too.

Shame I didn't follow it, now *IF* you'd change to Wordpress that would make life easier.
skidmarx said…
Bob - yes, I realised that after a while. It's just for me that Matgamna's rhetoric diverges so far from reality that it takes a lot of wtf before I get my head round it. Have looked again at the relevant section of your article, no I don't agree that the anti-war movement was that pro-Milosevic, though at the time I was personally a lot more sympathetic to those fighting against a Greater Serbia.

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