A Bobly miscellany

The Kremlin's pet Nazis
Matthew Lyons on the LaRouche network. Anton Shekhovtsov on the London anti-Jewification demo. Paul Canning on antisemitism among the Donbas rebels. Ksenia Babich on the Night Wolves. Graham Phillips' KGB medal. Paul Canning on Putin's war on truth.

The Euroseptic left
Martin Thomas on how the left became Little EnglandersBrendan O'Neill on the new-found skeptics. Jim Denham's reply to Owen Jones. Denis MacShane on the left's old love.

Dr Paul Stott on how to oppose the government's authoritarianism without supporting fellow travellers of even more authoritarian Islamists.

Dave Rich on Jeremy Corbyn's questions to answer. Sarah Brown and Eve Garrard on anti-racist doubts about Corbyn. The AWL for Corbyn - but for better left politics.

What's left?
Alan Johnson on social democracy's disarray. Brendan McGeever on nationalism, racism and anti-racism in Scotland and England after the May elections.

Never again?
Natalie Nougayrede on Russia's rewriting of Srebernica. Kellie Strom on the hollowness of the Never Again promise.

Bradford Spring

Greek Autumn

Culture wars


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