Claire Fox, The Brexit Party, Full Brexit, the RCP, and Northern Ireland

A recent Twitter thread by me on the Revolutionary Communist Party, aka Spiked, now the main force in the Full Brexit pressure group and standing candidates for Nigel Farage's far right Brexit Party in the Euro elections in May. Scroll to the end for a correction about "the Workers' Bomb". After the thread, a couple more links.

Further reading: 
Otto English: Fox Breaks Cover – from Revolutionary Communist to Farage’s Right Hand Woman; John Rogan: Brendan O’Neill, Brexit and Irish Republicanism / Spiked Online, Ireland and Brexit; David Aaronovitch: The shadowy past of Farage’s motley crew (£ - screenshot here).

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Jim Denham said…
Did you read the extraordinarily soft-soap interview with Ms Fox in the most recent Sunday Times? Here's my response:

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