Four weeks of antisemitism

Anti-Nazis United has been hosting a new series of weekly round-ups of antisemitism, by Adrian Booth, Morgan Lopez and Arthur Pablo, published every Sunday. Here are a few extracts, but read the whole lot if you  have the stomach.

Can be better than that – James Ball’s 2018 article has many excellent points: While the left and right indulge in whataboutery, Muslims and Jews are united against bigotry. 

A neo-Nazi and a Labour member – Daniel Sugarman details how a Liverpool Labour activists sought and procured hardcore antisemitic imagery from an open neo-Nazi, used it and was let off by Labour. 
UKIP will not be outdone – worried that Labour have edged ahead in the Jew-hate stakes, UKIP, via its official Twitter account urged “PATRIOTS SUBSCRIBE TO @PEWDIEPIE”.  PewDiePie is a Swedish ‘tuber, loved by Daily Stormer, who has joked about “death to all Jews”, and promoted antisemites and other bigots. 
The Illuminati and an MP –  After denials, etc Mike Amesbury apologises, sort of, then did much better. Had he not done that, Jeremy Corbyn would probably send him a year’s supply of jam. Good, when caught colluding with antisemitism, be sincere, apologise and mean it. Doesn’t happen often though. 
Words into violence – Michael Edison Hayden makes the point: “The 8chan post being linked to New Zealand murders talks about going from “shit posting” (posting words online) to making a “real life effort post.” (IE, killing people just to create content.) Truly psychotic and evil beyond description.” 
Around the world – Where can a neo-Nazi sip cocktails with Code Pink while ranting about “Zionists”? In Iran at the New Horizon conference!

Victim blaming – Yair Rosenberg refreshes Mehdi Hasan’s memory: “This victim-blaming happens to Jews all the time in the wake of anti-Semitic attacks, including on the BBC … It’s wrong when done to Muslims, and wrong when done to Jews. I hope we can start to call it out no matter who is targeted.” Ella Rose to the point: “Labour rightly listening to the Muslin community as they define the racism they are victims of. This didn’t happen for the Jewish community. We were not trusted to define antisemitism. That itself, is rooted in age old accusations of dual loyalty. Racism.”

Neofascists abroad – Nick Griffin is a very old fashioned antisemite. He’s ex-leader of the British National Party (BNP), was full-time organiser for the neo-Nazi National Front (NF), author of ‘Who are the Mind Benders’ and a mate of David Duke (ex-Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan). That is when Griffin is not talking about the “Holohoax” and indulging in a spot of Holocaust denial. This portly neofascist was in the Middle East for cup of tea with Hezbollah, according to the CST. What common ground could exist between them? Yes, that’s right, hatred of Jews. Quelle surprise!griffin1 
Not so Proud – AntiFash Gordon says: “The official Proud Boys account is now just openly sharing posts from Fash the Nation, a podcast from The Right Stuff podcast network. This is the same network that hosts TDS, formerly The Daily Shoah. TRS is best known for creating the (((echoes))) to mark Jewish names online.”
A string vest – From HOPE not hate: “Motormouth James Goddard of Yellow Vest infamy has been arrested.” He’s a violent thug, but as Tell MAMA shows  Goddard has even worse friends in the Democratic Football Lads Alliance.
Ofcom – George Galloway blew a gasket after Ofcom took him down a few pegs: “George Galloway breached broadcasting rules by presenting allegations of Labour Party anti-Semitism as a concocted means to criticise Jeremy Corbyn , a watchdog has found.” Or more properly: “Talkradio accepted that the shows broke impartiality rules and said Galloway had “crossed the line” on those occasions.” The [PDF]report. Far too polite. 
Conspiracy racism – David Icke and the Women’s march leaders are not the only cranks to blame Jews for the mass murders in New Zealand or so NewHub NZ shows. 
Fisk’s racism – Assad’s ever faithful poodle, Robert Fisk, gets to do an antisemitic rant in the Indie, “By accepting Israeli control of the Golan Heights, Trump has accepted that Israel controls America”Yuck.
Money – “Soros money”  by Eddie Dempsey. Some Lefties even defended it. Shame none of them knew how to use Google or how the Hungarian Far Right uses these themes. Still, Luisa is great: “Well eddie apologises. It’s a shitty non apology, with no recognition that he did anything wrong.” Dan says “Here’s Eddie “Pockets Full of Soros Money” Dempsey defending Jeremy Corbyn’s record on antisemitism last summer.”  While, Michael Walker, the front-man for a Momentum video countering antisemitism, doesn’t even understand the issue.EddieDempsey_1
Oh Toby and the Tories – Political education is in the gutter as a Tory MP talks about “Cultural Marxism”, a common phrase on the American Far Right. The eternally ignorant Toby Young steps up to defend her “Those trying to smear @SuellaBraverman as an anti-Semite because she used the term “cultural Marxism” really are the pits. I’ve never heard anyone suggest term originated in an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory before. It’s reference to Gramsci’s long march through the institutions.” Rumour has it that Young will probably link up with Corbyn’s Labour soon enough! But maybe dim Toby should read the NYT or Jason Wilson. 
Right or Left – Yet another convergence of the Left and the UKIP Right, conspiracy thinking on the Middle East. David Icke must be very happy, along with the Socialist Worker’s Party!goddersbloom_1.png

Watch out for the next edition on Sunday!


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