Brexit Bolsheviks: The Lexit left backing Boris Johnson

Jim Denham on the Morning Star's support for BJ; Coatesy on the full-range of red-brown wingnuts backing him, from George Galloway and Kate Hoey to to Brendan O'Neill and Paul Embery; Sacha Ismail on LeFT, the new alliance between the Communist Party of Britain, Counterfire and Spiked against the EU; Paul Hampton on the roots of Lexitism.

The current conjunction

Peter Ryley on Brexit as "a cluster of sentiments that have emerged from an oppositional political milieu... adopted by ethnic nationalists, anti-immigration Powellites, far right racists, Conservative free-market ultras, neo-feudalists, Stalinists, authoritarians, climate change deniers, neo-imperialists, Putin's 'useful idiots,' fascists, Bennite left social democrats, revolutionary defeatists, disaster capitalists, and so on":
There is no coherence in a milieu, only a swirl of ideas, each feeding off each other and making and unmaking unlikely alliances. Each strand on its own is negligible, together they produce a noisy minority to challenge the mainstream.

Dissident voices of the international left: an interview with Andy Heintz.

Global authoritarian drift and the war on Muslims

Nadia Whittome: Labour must stand with Kashmir.
Bill Weinberg: India, China mirror each other in Islamophobia.

Hong Kong

Pete Radcliffe: A working class perspective.


Majd al-Dik: The People of Zamalka are Dead, translated by Lelyn R. Masters for the anniversary of the August 23 massacre.


Unknown said…
LEft member on Twitter stated that they support staying in EEA. I suggested that since many founding members were the same as in The Full Brexit hardly likely that no dealers suddenly support EEA when they would have to abide by State Aid rules. No mention of EEA in their statements but want to get rid of four freedoms. EEA incl FoM. So really seems to be a trap for those unaware of the communist/stalinist background. It seems like a ruse to blame remainers for Johnson no deal because they don't accept a soft Brexit. They need exposing big time.

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