Google Search of the day: chocolate laxatives zizek

From today's referrals came this gem: Google Search: "chocolate laxatives" zizek

As well as Just another false alarm..., the search gets you me in Redneck (Forgettin' wut Zizek said:
'once I'd dun tryin' tuh work out n'all maw cousin Graham wut thar dang hell Zizek had been sayin' 'n his'n Amnesty lecture last year, all we'all actually re-membered about thut thar thar wuz his'n comments about chocolate laxatives, Leroy! And ah'm sure we'all werena alone 'n that.'

And it gets you two posts from Alphonse van Worden -
The marketing and consumption data of chocolate laxatives could only interfere with their foregrounding as emblems of the morally decadent social condition. (Good Hegelians know not to muck up an argument with the mud of human affairs.)
The Latin American Cristiano-Marxist revolutionary tradition was and remains very interested in data collection and analysis.
Yeah, I love the chocolate laxative too. Its my favourite Zizek theme. Also I think shows that he is a truly masterful prose writer in English. Anyone else would have chosen mouthwash or heroin or something. (The labour of life/thought in the age of digital reproduction)

Zizek on the other hand sees this assertion of the Singular as sinister “anti-Americanism," stirred up by the masters of the declining EU pole and an unnamed French intellectual whom he paints as a chauvinist. He does seem to suggest, with Christopher Hitchens and Condolezza Rice and that whole bunch, that’ ”the West” is at war with “Nihilism."

Okay. Now the big question is: who cares if “the west” is at war with “nihilism?” Can anyone get hurt when two figments clash?

Does the West have a human component? Does Nihilism?

To which of these do your comments belong - “west” or “nihilism?” To which do mine? What about Zizek, is he west or nihilism?

To say that “liberalism” means nothing is a choice. But once having asserted this, we cannot associate Liberalism with chocolate laxatives. Because chocolate laxatives do mean something: profit and pain. They are a weapon in the war of capital against humanity. (Bait. Switch. Better at it than Mussolini, but with more modest aspirations.)

And finally, you get The Wrong Side of Capitalism:
“The hegemonic product of late capitalism is the product that lacks its own essence: virtual sex, decaf coffee, soda without sugar, and most of all chocolate laxatives.”

I'm now looking forward to google hits on the basis of "mouthwash or heroin" (or, from this post, "Boob Job, Bose Job, Viagara and Sex at 80").

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