Hideously White Britons Abroad

The Joy of Curmudgeonry informs us of a new report finding Britain is "Hideously White". A juicy quote:
Chris Martin, of the popular beat combo Coldplay, was unsurprised by the findings: “Most of my teachers at school were white, most of the people in my street were white, even my parents were white. I think it’s disgusting. People don’t seem to realise just how offensive it is. And when you consider that most shareholders are white, well, then we know we are dealing with the most unspeakable evil.”

Indigo Jo has a thoughtful discussion of the anti-leftist leftists (e.g. Harry) on “travel snobs” and specifically on middle class lefties visiting Cuba.

[Both found via Tim Worstall's Britblog Roundup # 17.]

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