Monday, June 27, 2005

Hating Israel

From Haaretz, A study in irony - on Palestinian students at the 'College' of Judea and Samaria in Ariel, a focus of the recent AUT Israeli boycott madness.
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From Frontpage: An interview with Gavin Gross, a student at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), part of the University of London, who has been threatened with disciplinary action for standing up against anti-Semitism on campus.
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On a related tip, this criticism of BBC Izzy/Pal coverage is from Infinitives Unsplit:

This is getting tiresome.

Now I don't have a dog in this fight. It is very tempting to take the middle-of-the-road, largely European/"splendid isolation" line and implore a plague on both their houses.

Here is a basic summary of the facts:
1. A young Palestinian woman burns herself in a domestic accident.
2. An Israeli hospital gives her treatment.
3. A few months later, she returns for another course of treatment at the expense of the grateful Israeli taxpayers. Except this time, she decides to sew some explosives into underwear.
4. When challenged at a checkpoint she attempts - and thankfully fails - to detonate herself there.
5. When interviewed, she admits that she had been planning to blow herself up in the hospital.
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ADDED: More Atzmon: David Aaronovitch on the SWP being in bed with the anti-semites. Bloglink: The Big Blowdown: Wonderful

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Free Market Christian Dave said...

The Left inEurope and the USA have for years looking for a replacement for a Big Brother to replace the USSR /Communism and have found it in Islam and hating America.

Islam, like Communism, is ideologically, politically and theologically opposed to what "western civilisation" seems to stand for.This is why The Left in Britain, Europe and the USA are happy to oppose a war which would have left the Iraqis governed by Sadam Hussein and his evil spawn and do so in alliance with Islamofascist groups.

What I cannot fathom is the "why" the Left are happy to hop into bed with Islam, which stands diametrically opposed to its fascistic-politically correct equalitarianism. To see people I know - seasoned Socialists and Anarchists - justify Islamist murderers killing children in Israel is sickening.Only those who say nothing about the virulent anti semitism (fearing ridicule, or loss of position) are more revolting.

Kier Hardy, Tom Mann, Karl Marx , Leon Trotsky would spew.
One War! Only War! Class War!