Bob's UK Local Elections 2006 Special Report

I had a whole post about tomorrow's elections up my sleave, but time is running out.


Casino Avenue reports on crap canvassing in Charlton and Tory grins in Eltham North and Peninsula


Councillor Alyson McGarrigle appears to have absolutely no politics, honestly.

If I lived in Telegraph Hill or Brockley itself (rather than neighbouring Crofton Park), I'd be backing the Socialist Green Unity Coalition - or rather, excellent local councillors Chris Flood and Ian Page, plus Jessica Leech, a woman known for her integrity as an activist in Deptford (Socialist Party candidates) and Toby Abse, loveable if wacky leftie.

Can I stomach voting for Steve 'Bloke' Bullock as Mayor, after all the crap decisions he's made re swimming pools, schools, Convoys, etc? But can I stomach a Lib Dem or Tory mayor as a result of not voting for him? I'm going to vote independent first choice, and hold my nose and go Bullock second preference.

Tower Hamlets

Make sure George Galloway's fascist-Trot alliance doesn't get in - vote Labour (early, but not often). Especially if you live in Shadwell. (Blog links: Justify This, Make My Vote Count.)

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Anonymous said…
Alyson (who isn't standing again)isn't the only one with no politics - at least on that test!
bob said…
Knowing that, I feel glad I picked on someone who isn't actually standing!
Anonymous said…
I used to live in the People's Republic of Telegraph Hill, it was really satisfying that the protest vote candidates not only got in each election but consistently did a good job.

Now I'm in Glasgow I'm supposed to have a clue who to vote for, as we have the Scottish Parliament elections as well as the local elections. So far my list says "Not Tommy Sheridan". Sigh. All the others are various combinations of smug and/or incompetent, I'm veering towards the LibDems for the first time ever and it's really sticking in my craw :(

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