Bob's UK Local Elections 2006 Special Report 5

Respect in Tower Hamlets
Shocking to see Respect gained so much in TH. Sad to see Michael Keith - a decent, honourable, good man - lose his seat. Not exactly a landslide though. Interesting that the Tories did well in Tower Hamlets - gaining in the docklands wards where white working class people live alongside single gentrifiers and City types.

Respect elsewhere
Apart from in the East End and Birmingham, they didn't do that well A few respectable votes, mostly embarassing ones.

Horrible to see the relatively strong BNP result. That's what happens when the politicians of all stripes play the race card for decades while Labour continues to shit on the white working class. BNP comment from rantus, Brownie, Mutant Mushroom, EC1.

Other blog links: LabanTall (including mention of the IWCA, for whom I have a soft spot), Bewildering, Shuggie, david t (who calls Respect Britain's 'other populist racist and communalist party', along with the BNP).
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I read Rantus: well perhaps some young Muslims are ready to step in the shoes of the old working class fighters and SMASH up the noses of the BNP so that they look like proper BNP folks!

Perhaps it is time to leave Barking, bomb Barking or create Northern Ireland conditions in Barking where no BNP wanker is allowed to come in your part opf town...? Perhaps we should not allow anyone with a Barking and Dagenham address into London proper as we are the capital of diversity!
I echo your comments made about Tower Hamlets. Its really sad to lose someone who although left wing was a commited moderniser. Michael Keith make sure you go on to bigger and better things and good luck.

On the plus point we got Lambeth back. All the best to Steve Reed and his team.

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