Friday, May 05, 2006

Bob's UK Local Elections 2006 Special Report 4 - The Aftermath

The Lewisham results are in. Labour kept most seats, but lost 15 meaning they've lost overall control. The Lib Dems, unfortunately, did well. So, Labour has 26 seats, Lib Dem 17. Bullock remains Mayor.

Bill from Barnsley called to say his highlight of the election is "smarmy New Labour apparatchik and Bullock hatchet man Gavin Moore" lost his seat in Blackheath. But this good news is balanced for me by the sad news that my fellow blogger Andrew Brown lost his seat in the same ward. (Tiny consolation: Andrew got the best Labour vote, Gavin the worst. Andrew appears to be giving up blogging, seeing it as "redundant" now, which is sad, but obviously there's more to life than blogging.) The Lib Dems took Blackheath, their candidates getting around 200 more each than the Labour candidates.

Bill is also pissed off Sam and Crada kept their seats in Evelyn, altho Heidi got loads more votes than they did, probably due to people reading his post yesterday. Bill says: "It looks like Labour could stand a two-legged horse in Evelyn and still get elected."

The Greens took all the Brockley seats. Toby Abse, foolishly standing against them, got 111, better than I expected.

The Socialists managed to keep their two councillors in Telegraph Hill, but unfortunately didn't get the third, Jess Leech, although she did very well. I understand the Socialists didn't expect her to win, but needed their voters not to give a third vote to a Labour candidate and thus deny Ian and Chris seats.

The Tories only gained one seat.
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Jackie said...

Glad to see the People's Republic of Telegraph Hill (my old ward) doing its stuff again.

Now I'm in Glasgow, I expect protest voting will be much more difficult. At least in Telegraph Hill I could protest vote with a clear conscience (not to mention feel deliciously smug).