Bob's UK Local Elections 2006 Special Report 2

Voted this morning. Felt good: sunshine, neighbours, old people, democracy.

Here's a few blog links for the election.

Lewisham: Adam has a good selection of local election material, archived in the Politics section. Cllr Andrew sums up his campaign. The Man from Catford has yet to decide.

The rest of London: Daniel, up in Islington (North London), doesn't think much of the mainstream parties and is voting independent.

National interest: Drinksoaked Eric has a good post on that Tory fool Norman Tebbit thinking the BNP are left-wing. Meanwhile, David T at HP passes on news of the BNP and Britain's other far right party, Galloway's Respect, both committing breaches of electoral law. Hana, an East London resident, lives in the Respect heartland. Read her great post, and this one from Diamond Geezer, which she cites.

Keywords: local elections, council elections, local council, councillors, 4 May 2006, New Labour, Blair, fascists


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