Carving out my niche on the left

A couple of pretty unrelated things:

The media seems to be in a frenzy with the news that most British people are stupid enough to think we should negotiate with Al-Qaeda (yes, NEGOTIATE, with AL-QAEDA!). This post sets out the case for intervention: Progressive Dilemmas: Explaining & Justifying 'Intervention'

Ken Livingstone and Hugo Chavez don't get much positive coverage from my corner of the blogosphere. The former is a borderline antisemite wedded to a foreign policy worldview that can't go beyond the idea that America is the imperialist fount of all evil. The latter is a megalomaniac authoritarian thug. But I completely support the two in making a deal around fuel for London. London's economy is equal to that of many nation-states, and we should start using that fact as a force for good. Dirty Leftie states the case well, and NewerLabour illustrates it.


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