Dolly Parton/Al Gore

Does anyone know anything about the Al Gore who wrote the great Dolly Parton/Porter Wagoner song "Closer By The Hour" (MP3 here, via Rocky-52)?

I'm assuming it's not Al Gore the politician, or his dad, who shares a name and profession. I can't get anythong from google or Wikipedia.

Actually, it's not a great song, it's just good. The great song on the album is Chips Moman and Dan Penn's "Dark End of the Street". A couple of other minor versions: Carlos "Bear" Brewer (MP3 via his memorial site), Rootbound (m3u, via CDBaby), Veronica Kraus (ditto).

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Bob's beats artist keywords: Dolly Parton, Dan Penn, Al Gore.


Anonymous said…
There's a CD from him and a little bit of biographical info on CD Baby at (P.S. Porter & Dolly actually recorded at least one or two more of his songs during the seven years they were a duo.)
bob said…
Thanks Duane. Btw, just checked out - it's great

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